About Us

Welcome to Anna’s Hummingbird! We’re Kathy and Margaret, the family founders of Anna’s Hummingbird. 

We started Anna’s Hummingbird when we couldn’t find beautiful, well-made tablecloths specifically for outdoor umbrella tables. Coming from a large family that loves to gather around the table, we set out to produce our own line of tablecloths and linens that could help others create a beautiful space to spend time together, whether indoors or out.

We drew inspiration from the long line of Irish women in our family who showed us the importance of the memories made and the lessons taught around the table. Known for her wit, intellect, and entertaining conversation, Louise Stevens (Kathy’s mother and Margaret’s grandmother) often reminisced about lively meals with her Irish parents and siblings, discussing not only the important issues of the day but also history, literature, art, and culture. She said that listening to these conversations was where her true education took place. The  food was simple but delicious and great care was taken to set the table to show respect for the importance of  this time together. Setting a stunning table can instantly lift your spirits and can elevate an everyday meal into something special.  

Adding a beautiful tablecloth sets the tone for your meal and brings a sense of atmosphere and festivity. But tablecloths are also practical and sustainable, and don’t need to be reserved only for special occasions. A beautifully set table makes us want to linger over our meal, and can even change the way we perceive our food. In fact, studies have shown that a well decorated table and stylish tablecloth can actually make your food taste better!  


Louise also loved birds - hummingbirds are a symbol of joy and happiness, and they are said to bring luck and positive energy. An Anna’s Hummingbird is a specific type of hummingbird which drew our attention as Anna is a special family name. We both named our daughters Anna after Anna Callahan (Kathy’s grandmother, Margaret’s great-grandmother), who came to America from Ireland as a young girl. 

Building this business together has brought us even closer together, and we paid tribute to our family by naming each of our patterns after a special person or place.  


We started out specifically to make outdoor umbrella tablecloths, but quickly realized that we wanted to provide more products for entertaining around the table - indoors or out. 

We offer tablecloths either with or without a hole for an umbrella, as well as napkins and runners, and all of our products are handmade in the US with fabric imported from Spain. What sets us apart is our focus on quality -  our fabrics are 100% cotton, machine washable, and durable enough to be used indoors or out.  We don’t believe in saving tablecloths just for special occasions, and all Anna’s Hummingbird tablecloths are designed to stand up to everyday use. 

At Anna’s Hummingbird, we believe that the details make a difference, and that’s why we have chosen to create a product that elevates your table without sacrificing convenience.  

While most umbrella tablecloths are made with a zipper or velcro, we have chosen to use concealed buttons for a more elegant design. 

All Anna’s Hummingbird products are locally handmade in Connecticut by a team of women who create each item with exceptional care and craftsmanship. We’ve carefully chosen to work with local and small businesses to create products that are well-made, sustainable and beautiful. 

We hope Anna’s Hummingbird products will inspire you to set a lovely table and savor the time at home with those you love.  We’d love to hear from you - stay in touch by following along on Instagram @ahummingbirdhome or by sending a note to hello@ahummingbird.com

Bon appetit, 

Kathy Stevens McCormack & Margaret Rafferty